FYI® (For Your Information®)

Our frequent, topical client alerts offer insightful analysis and current information about new and pending laws, regulations, and benefit trends in the United States.

FYI: IRS Updates Plan Corrections Procedure

FYI Alert: SOA 2016 Mortality Scale Update Points to Lower Liabilities

FYI: States and Business Groups Seek Expedited Rulings on Overtime Rule Challenges

FYI Alert: PBGC 2017 Premium Rates to Increase

FYI Alert: Social Security Benefits and Taxable Wage Base to Increase for 2017

FYI: California to Increase Salary Threshold for Computer Professional Exemption

FYI: CMS Announces 2016 Transitional Reinsurance Fee Submission Process

FYI: Bill to Expand California Family Leave Vetoed

FYI: California Moves to Level the Paying Field

FYI: EEOC to Require Summary Pay Data in EEO-1 Report

FYI: PBGC Proposes to Change, Expand Its Missing Participant Program for Terminated Plans

FYI: San Francisco Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program Made Permanent

FYI Alert: DOL Finalizes Paid Sick Leave Rules for Federal Contractors

FYI: Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Final Rule and Guidance for Federal Contractors Issued

FYI: DOL Announces Minimum Wage Increase for Federal Contractors

FYI: PBGC Finalizes Reduced Late Premium Payment Penalties

FYI Alert: 21 States and Business Groups Move to Block Final Overtime Rule

FYI Alert: IRS Extends Temporary Nondiscrimination Relief for Closed DB Plans Through 2017

FYI: DOL Expands Plan Compliance Relief for Louisiana Floods

FYI In-Depth: Flex Contributions and Opt-Out Payments Under ACA

FYI: IRS Clarifies Minimum Present Value Rules for Partial Annuity Distributions

FYI: OK to Include More ACA Marketplace Information with COBRA Election Notices

FYI: HHS Proposes 2018 OOP Maximums and Marketplace Guidance

FYI: Spotlight on Transgender Health Coverage

FYI Alert: IRS Publishes 2017 Mortality Tables – No Change for 2014 SOA Study

FYI: IRS Relaxes Retirement Plan Rules for Louisiana Flood Victims

FYI: IRS Allows “Self-Service” 60-Day Rollover Waivers for Retirement Plan Distributions

FYI Roundup: Recent Research in HR and Employee Benefits 2016 – Summer Edition

FYI: DOL Updates Workplace Posters

FYI: DOL Finalizes Rules for State-Run Retirement Programs

FYI: IRS Increases Shared Responsibility Affordability Percentages and Assessment Amounts

FYI Alert: NLRB Says Grad Students Can Unionize

FYI: 2016 Deadline for Medicare Part D Creditable/ Non-Creditable Coverage Notices Nears

By and |Aug 24, 2016|FYI, Health|

FYI: NYC Amends Mass Transit Benefit Rules

FYI: FSA Contribution Limit Likely to Increase to $2,600 in 2017

FYI: Changes Proposed to Master Trust Accounting Standards

FYI Roundup: Retirement Plans – 2016 Summer Recap

FYI: OFCCP Expands Sex Discrimination Guidance

FYI: Proposed Overhaul of Form 5500 Slated for 2019 Plan Years

FYI Alert: Massachusetts Enacts Expansive Equal Pay Law

FYI: IRS Addresses Questions on Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans

FYI Roundup: Labor and Employment Developments 2016 – A Mid-Year Recap

FYI: Proposed Regulations Provide Permanent Relief for Expatriate Health Plans

FYI Roundup: Recent Health and Welfare Developments 2016 – Summer Edition

FYI: EEOC Revises Equal Pay Data Reporting Proposal

FYI: DOL Increases Penalties for ERISA Compliance Violations

FYI: DOL Hikes FLSA and Other Employer Penalties

FYI: As Expected, IRS Formally Contracts Its Determination Letter Program

FYI: Higher Education to Face Overtime Challenges

FYI Alert: Court Blocks DOL Persuader Rule from Taking Effect

FYI: Brexit: What It Is and Its Impact on Retirement Plans

FYI: August 1 PCORI Fee Deadline Approaching

FYI: IRS Wellness Program Etiquette – Don’t Double Dip

FYI: EEOC Boosts Penalties for Posting Violations

FYI In-Depth: Wellness Plans: Final ADA and GINA Regulations

FYI: PBGC Proposes Multiemployer Plan Facilitated Merger Rules

FYI Roundup: Recent Research in HR and Employee Benefits 2016 – Spring Edition

FYI: No Surprises in IRS Final Roth After-Tax Allocation Regulation

FYI: Puerto Rico Changes Annual Return Filing Requirements for Retirement Plans

FYI: More Guidance on ACA, Mental Health Parity and Women’s Health and Cancer Rights

FYI Alert: DOL Unveils Final Overtime Rule

FYI: PBGC Announces New Maximum Penalties

FYI: High Court Kicks Contraceptive Coverage Mandate Accommodation Back to the Circuits

FYI Alert: HHS Finalizes Regulations on ACA Nondiscrimination in Health Programs and Activities

FYI Alert: EEOC Issues Final Wellness Regulations

FYI: San Francisco Adopts Fully Paid Parental Leave

FYI: Treasury Finalizes Multiemployer Benefit Suspension Ordering Rule

FYI: GASB 82 Aims to Improve Financial Reporting Consistency for Public Retirement Systems

FYI: Treasury Finalizes Multiemployer Benefit Suspension Regulations

FYI Roundup: Recent Health and Welfare Developments 2016 Spring Edition

FYI: IRS Announces 2017 HSA/HDHP Limits

FYI: PBGC Proposes Reduced Late Premium Filing Penalties

FYI: CA and NY Adopt $15 Minimum Wage

FYI: New York Adopts Paid Family Leave

FYI: A Plan Sponsor’s Overview of DOL’s Fiduciary/Conflict of Interest Rule

FYI: Final Updated SBC Template Available

FYI Alert: IRS Reverses Course on QSERP Portion of Proposed Nondiscrimination Regs

FYI: Office for Civil Rights HIPAA Audits Underway

FYI: Philadelphia Expands Ban-the-Box Restrictions as NYC Considers Changes

FYI Alert: DOL Finalizes Fiduciary/Conflict of Interest Rule

FYI: SEC and DOL See Eye to Eye in Stock-Drop Case

FYI: High Court OKs Law of Averages for FLSA Claims

FYI: Departments Finalize Market Mandate Guidance

FYI Alert: High Court Tie Leaves Public Union Fees in Place

FYI: PBGC Finalizes Changes to 4010 Annual Financial Reporting

FYI: CMS Releases 2017 Medicare Part D Benefit Parameters and Proposes Lower Payments to EGWPs

By and |Mar 22, 2016|FYI, Health|

FYI: Expected SBC Implementation Date

FYI: NYC Prescribes Changes for Sick Time Rules

FYI: DOL Proposes Paid Sick Leave Rules for Federal Contractors

By and |Mar 17, 2016|Career, FYI, Health, Wealth|

FYI: Transition Relief Provided for Student Premium Reduction Arrangements

FYI Alert: Overtime Rules at OMB

FYI: DOL Focuses Audits on Failure to Make Timely Payments to Participants

FYI: HHS Finalizes 2017 OOP Maximums and Marketplace Guidance

FYI: High Court Halts State’s Effort to Collect Health Data from Self-Funded ERISA Plans

FYI: Employer Cannot Escape Claims That It Cut Employee Hours to Avoid ACA Requirements

FYI: New Proposed SBC Template, Instructions and Materials

FYI: IRS Notice Provides Additional ACA Employer Shared Responsibility Guidance

FYI: Beware FICA Audits, Settlements, and Other Horror Stories

FYI: EEOC Proposes Pay Data Reporting by Employers

By and |Feb 26, 2016|Career, FYI|

FYI Roundup: Recent Health and Welfare Developments 2016 – Winter Edition

FYI Roundup: Recent Research in HR and Employee Benefits 2016 — Winter Edition

FYI: Refinements Proposed to Multiemployer Suspension Rules

FYI: IRS Proposes Normal Retirement Age Rules for Governmental Plans

FYI: ERISA Plan Cannot Recover Spent Settlement Funds, High Court Rules

FYI: DOL Takes “As Broad As Possible” View of Joint Employment Under FLSA

FYI: Retiree Health Benefits Dispute Returns to Trial Court

FYI: San Francisco’s 2016 Minimum Health Care Spending Requirements

FYI: It’s That Time Yet Again — Creditable Coverage Disclosures to CMS Due by February 29

By and |Feb 10, 2016|FYI, Health|

FYI Roundup: Retirement Plans – 2016 Winter Recap

FYI: IRS Nondiscrimination Proposal Limits QSERPs, Adds Cross-Testing Option and New Closed Plan Relief

FYI: Mid-Year Safe Harbor Plan Changes

FYI: FASB Issues Proposed Changes to Presentation of Benefit Cost and Disclosures in Financial Statements

FYI: IRS Provides Additional Guidance on Health FSA Carryovers

FYI: NYC Extends Employment Protections to Caregivers

FYI In-Depth: 2016 Planning for ERISA Multiemployer Defined Benefit Plan Operations

FYI: Court Finds No ADA Violation When Wellness Plan Participation Is Condition of Health Plan Eligibility

FYI: Effect of Fed Interest Rates and Market Results on Pension and OPEB Plans

FYI: IRS Expands Tax Relief for Identity Protection Services

FYI Alert: IRS Releases Guidance on Retroactive Increase to 2015 Transit Benefits

FYI: Church Plans Update

FYI: Proposed Regulations Address ACA Nondiscrimination in Health Programs and Activities

FYI: PBGC Finalizes Multiemployer Partition Rules